Paraphonic synth kit
Sound examples
All following sound examples are recorded directly from ZeKit without any processing.
Bass & chords anthem
Rough tone melody
Bandpass and looping envelope
Chords and detuned waveforms
Acid & bumping line
Simple and effective bass
Solo with glide


is a 4 voice paraphonic microsynth, featuring a simple step sequencer, various digital waveforms, an analog VCF, VCA and two AR analog envelopes.

The instrument can be controlled using MIDI (notes & clock) and has both a sync and audio inputs. External audio sources can be mixed in or be processed through the VCF / VCA.

ZeKit is available in two versions:

• DIY KIT version - requires soldering
• Fully assembled version

Both versions comes with the high quality aluminium case.

A few accessories (universal power adapter, battery kit ...) are available as options.

Please reuse any compatible 5V to 9V DC adapter you already have.

Technical aspects

All Fred's Lab instruments are manually assembled in Germany.

ZeKit is an ultra-compact paraphonic monotimbral hybrid synth with 4 voices.

These are the detailed technical specifications of the machine.

Sound Engine

Digital part

• Additive sawtooth synthesis
• 8 mono waveforms / 8 para waveforms
• Filter tracking and glide modes
• 16bit / 250 kHz DAC

Analog part

• 12dB / Oct low & band-pass VCF
• 2 resonance level chill / acid
• Optocoupler VCA
• Analog A/D & A/R envelopes
• Envelope looping and re-triggering


• 96 step sequencer, with up to 4 notes per step
• External sync - MIDI clock or Sync (+ start / stop) over 3.5mm jack
• 16 user programmable patterns
• Live pitch transposition and transition of the patterns


• 6 knobs – Cutoff, Attack, Decay, Accent, Release and Level
• 3 toggles – LP/BP, CHILL/ACID, VCF/MIX
• 7 switches – Wave, Options, Motifs, Sequencer controls


• MIDI input – DIN5
• Power input – 2.1mm jack 5V to 9V DC
• Line / Headphones output - 6.35mm TRS jack
• Clock & Sync input – 3.5mm TRS jack
• Audio input – 3.5mm TRS jack


• Dimensions: 127 x 92 x 56 mm – (w x d x h)
• Weight: 315 grams
• Power: 350 mW
• AAA Battery holder (optional)
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