MPE & Multitimbral characterful hybrid polysynth
https://youtu.be/ngU2Ic-BgcY https://youtu.be/tMkmMlB7ji0 https://youtu.be/PFXhZvMlwbI https://youtu.be/d6tktEYq9FQ https://youtu.be/2LidWGIqBYQ
Sound examples
Stacked detuned & panned dual oscs voices making a nice analog bass.
Complex pad using formant tables, digital shapers and the multi-fx.
Playing around a riff (by Mylar Melodies)
Unearthly pad with chords (by Mylar Melodies)
Organic delayed sequence (by Mylar Melodies)
Saturated atmosphere (by Mylar Melodies)

The Töörö

is our MPE compatible 6-voice 4-part hybrid "digilog" polysynth.

Including our latest discoveries in mixed electronics, the original FL A847 analog filters, this is the perfect module for demanding sound designers and every musician seeking distinctive tones with a strong personality, in a very compact form factor.

Each voice offers 2 complex digital oscillators with waveform morphing, 2-operator linear phase modulation and self-sync features plus a noise source, a ring modulator, the unique FL A847 lowpass filter accompanied by a digital shaper, 2 advanced LFOs and 2 ADSR envelopes.

The instrument can be switched from the default 4-part multitimbral mode to the new MPE mode, handling two MPE Zones (lower & upper), allowing musicians to play two patches simultaneously with the advanced 3-axis expressivity granted by the MPE technology.

A modulation matrix with 8 slots allow the animation of most of synthesis parameters.

A master stereo digital FX offering various modulated delays is also included.

Töörö is shipped with a printed version of the QuickStart Guide (in English) and a 1 meter black USB cable.

Technical aspects

All Fred's Lab instruments are manually assembled in Germany.

The Töörö is a polyphonic and multitimbral synthesizer module with 6 voices, 4 parts, per voice analog filters and a stereo signal path.

Sound Engine

Per voice

Two 12bit digital oscillators with:
• waveform morphing
• additional sine modulator (for linear through zero phase modulation)
• auto-sync feature - hardsync

A single FL A847 12dB/Octave low-pass filter with auto-oscillation and saturation features.

A selection of digital filters algorithms from Fred's Lab.

A regular white noise source.

Ring modulator
An audio rate multiplication of osc1 output by osc2 output.

Two ADSR envelopes with hold stage and multiple triggering options.

Two complex LFOs with various waveforms and their own AD envelope.

A digitally controlled attenuator with volume and panning control.

Per part

MIDI channel selection, overall part volume and panning.

A syncable arpeggiator with multiple modes is included.


A 12bit digital multi-FX module with various modulated delays.


The Töörö can store:
• 100 sound presets
• 10 multis

• 2 line-level unbalanced 6.35mm jacks (mix left & right)
• 2 instrument-level 3.5mm jacks for separate voice outputs (for voice 1-4 only)
• 1 DIN5 MIDI-OUT (OUT + smart THRU)
• 1 USB 1.1 B compatible port (for power and MIDI over USB)
• 1 power switch

• 4 high-quality metal encoders
• 14 tactile switches
• dual digit 7-segment hexadecimal display
• 12 leds

• aluminum industrial enclosure
• quality rubber feet
• 170 x 120 x 45 mm
• 550 grams
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