Customer Support
When to get assistance
Electronic music instruments are complex devices that eventually require assistance of the user. Therefore we provide our customers with quality and accurate product literature and aim to produce tutorial videos and demos to help get started quickly. If this is not enough, feel free to contact us.

Despite the recurrent quality controls and the attention given to details during production, we make mistakes and sub-standard instruments may ship. In this rare case, we offer an immediate exchange of the machine or a full refund of the purchase price.

Fred's Lab offers fast and free support for all its instruments during the 3-year guarantee period. After this period, we will be pleased to help by providing original replacement parts, as long as the stocks last.

Where to get assistance
Fred's Lab supports its user through 3 channels:

• The official support system: support
• Modwiggler's forums: forums
• E-mail: e-mail us

Important: please don't reach us on social media (Facebook, Instagram ...) for support as we probably won't receive or read your requests there.

Assistance requirements
Before getting in touch with the technical support, please ensure that:

• Answers cannot be found in the documentation (manual, quickstart...)

• The problem is clearly identified and replicable (hardware / software)

• You have enough supporting elements to describe the issue (photos, recordings ...)

At Fred's Lab, we like quick resolutions and happy users :-)

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