Working with us
Freelance gigs
Fred's Lab is a single person company with two missions:

- offering engineering services to equipment manufacturers
- designing and selling its own electronic music instruments

The legal form and the profitability of the Fred's Lab business do not allow us to hire employees but we often work with small business owners and freelancers, remotely or not.

If you can help in the following departments:

- Mathematical models and simulation (SciLab / LT-Spice)
- DSP software engineering (ASM Thumb2 / C / C++, ARM platforms...)
- Windows / Mac OS application development with QT
- Schematics and PCB design (TARGET 3001!, Eagle ...)
- Mechanics design, 3D modeling, implementation documents
- Prototypes assembly and tests (SMD soldering, measurements)

We would be happy to hear from you and discover your talents!

Please drop me an email at, including your resume and some examples of your best realizations!

From Summer 2020, we are offering one electronics engineer internship position.

The internship project must last between one to three months, the location is Bonn / Germany and we speak German, English or French. We provide financial compensation and can help to organize a temporary accommodation.

We are looking for motivated, curious, obstinate and autonomous individuals with a strong passion for electronics, music and arts in general. Basic knowledge of micro-controllers usage, C / C++ programming and a rough understanding of analog electronics are preferred.

About work environment, we are all-gender friendly, respectful and very open.

Want to hear about possible internship topics, please write me an email at

Fred's Lab do not do collaborations.

We are only willing to take risk on our own projects.