Manatee Pre-Order Page
What are pre-orders?
Pre-orders are identical to regular shop orders but with a differed, not immediate delivery.

For our customers, the main advantages of pre-ordering the Manatee now, are the preferential pricing of €649 EUR w/ VAT & €545.38 EUR wo/ VAT (excluding shipping & handling fees). Plus, the opportunity to get some of the early units from this second 100 machines batch. More batches will be later planned, according to the demand, but not before the end of 2024.

The only catch is that the orders placed now will be shipped between May and June 2024. The pre-orders will close as soon as this second batch is sold out!

Pre-Orders General Terms & Conditions

Why are there pre-orders?
Fred's Lab is a small company operating on strictly limited funds. All of our machines are made in small batches, hand-assembled, tested and packed in our German offices by Philippe and myself. Pre-orders allow us to secure the cash flow needed to maintain the minimum stock of parts required to deliver our customers swiftly and with a "low for boutique gear" type of pricing.

Also, we have received many requests from persons who missed our Kickstarter. This is an opportunity for them to join the crowd of early adopters and die-hard Manatee supporters! (we love you)

Finally, by pre-ordering, you are giving us visibility on production requirements and seriously help us with the essential cash flow to sustain the making of hardware devices.

What are the general conditions?
To make it clear for everyone, pre-orders conditions differ significantly from Kickstarter pledge ones.

Kickstarter pledges are not sales but rather private donations, to contribute to the financing of a specific creative project involving entrepreneurial risks. These donations can grant the backer a unique reward. At Fred's Lab, for tax and fairness reasons, we do process the proposed rewards similarly to store purchases, and each backer gets an associated invoice and our 3-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

The main difference between a sale and a pledge is that we do not guarantee rewards delivery date, do not accept refund requests nor allow a 14 days withdrawal right on Kickstarter pledges, as them being donations.

Fred's Lab pre-orders are regular store orders with deferred shipping. Orders which are made from February to April 2024 are scheduled to ship between May and June 2024.

Pre-orders can be withdrawn within 14 days after being registered AND within 14 days after physical reception of the pre-ordered product.

What is the project planning?

It goes without saying that Kickstarter backers have shipping priority over pre-order customers but their orders will imediately follow and respecting the purchase order.

How to pre-order?
If you have fully read and understood the conditions associated with the pre-order program and cannot wait receiving your Manatee Synthesizer at your door-step, you can now place your pre-order.

Using PayPal Transactions


Worldwide: €545.38 EUR + €35.00 EUR Shipping
Total: €580.38 EUR (without VAT)

This purchase is made OUTSIDE the EEA / European Economic Area
I have fully read and agreed the Pre-Orders General Terms & Conditions


Worldwide: €649.00 EUR + €15.00 EUR Shipping
Total: €664.00 EUR (VAT included)

This purchase is made INSIDE the EEA / European Economic Area
I have fully read and agreed the Pre-Orders General Terms & Conditions

Using SEPA Bank Transfer
Here the procedure is more manual, you need to write us an e-mail at:

Confirming your order placement & including:
  • Your personal name or company name
  • Invoice address
  • Delivery address
  • Is this a business order (optional)
  • VAT number (optional)
  • Telephone number (optional) for DHL courier
And we will get back to you personally as soon as we can.