The services

Schematics design
PCB layout
Software programming
Fred's Lab is able to design complex electronic and software systems, from specifications to full-featured, ready for production products.

From our clients perspective, projects are developed by a competent, approachable and commited engineer which greatly facilitates projects realisation. We understand that projects specifications can evolve during development stage so we can adapt to. Therefore we do our best to respect our clients intentions. We also extensively document projects and are willing to release full projects source files at clients request (after mutual agreement).

Overall, we are always keeping up with latest technological break-throughs, to provide our clients with best cutting-edge and cost effective solutions, when valuable.

We offer

Project specification
We help our clients to identify and formalize their needs. We also advise them to select the right technologies and solutions according to their projects feature-set. We assist our clients to make the best design compromises to respect their time & money budgets while engineering together great products.

Technological research
We welcome projects that present challenges.
Not all designs, especially the most innovative ones, come with a straighforward and already prooved solution. This is why we are happy to research new algorithms and new circuit structures for your advanced systems needs.

System (software & hardware) development
Our biggest strength is our ability to conceive commercial electronic products from scratch.
For our clients, we can identify components, simulate circuitry, design schematics and draw circuit boards. Then we can prototype the electronics, develop (embedded / computer) software, perform mesurements and debug software. Finally, we can edit industry standard production documents.

System optimisation
By reviewing our client designs, we can help them to successfully pass EMC & ESD certifications. We also assist them to optimize their schematics, bill of materials and circuit boards to lower their production cost, when possible.

Prototyping service
With the help of our industrial partners, we can organize rapid production of electronic prototypes for our client designs.

Production test-benches
To test individual circuit boards or assembled products at the end of production lines, we offer to develop and manufacture custom test rigs (hardware & software) according to our clients specifications.

For every of our clients project and after discussion, we offer a free development time and cost estimation.