Owner: Dipl. Eng. Frédéric Meslin
Legal form: Freiberufler
(German freelancer)
Address: Herwarth Straße, 20
53115 Bonn
Twitter: @marzacdev
Office phone: +49 228 53451657
VAT ID Number: DE307477586

The company

Frédéric Meslin
Fred's Lab is a one person company started in 2017, in Germany, by Frédéric Meslin.

Download Fred's resume: resume (pdf)

After being diplomed from the National Institute of Applied Sciences of Rennes (INSA), Frédéric Meslin has worked as hardware and software engineer for Waldorf Music GmbH, an electronic music instrument company. He was involved in the design of several commercially sucessfull products. He also developed test strategies and test-benches for industrial production of consumer electronics products.

Frédéric Meslin is a long term follower and actor in digital arts and open-source projects related to music or video games. He periodically releases new software tools on github, hardware modules with crowd-funding campaigns and small independent games.


Frédéric Meslin has been involved either as hardware or software developper in the following projects.

Commercial projects:
Arturia miniBrute
Waldorf Pulse 2
Waldorf NW1
Sommer Cable DVM-194-AMP

Hobby / Open-source projects:
Yamaha FB01 Sound Editor
OPA Arduino Shield
RS232 (serial port) cross-platform library


The company is equipped with:
- oscilloscope
- laboratory supplies
- precision multimeters
- logic analyzer
- analog frequency generator
- ST / Atmel / Microchip MCU programming probes
- SMD soldering station
- SMD reworking station
- Windows / Linux and MAC development stations
- Schematics and PCB software